In August 2013, Miles and the Louisiana Office of Tourism began planning the new responsive design and upgraded platform website build for The existing site was on an aging Drupal 6 platform with limited capabilities. The client was faced with expensive solutions for any new builds coming down the pipeline.

The old had a budget for maintenance of a separate mobile site. It was a very basic and limited mobile site that contained mostly listings and information that was useful only in-market. The inspirational and trip planning content was only available on the desktop version of the site and presented extremely limited digital options for travelers beginning their research on mobile. This especially presented a problem for content distribution via social media channels since most social content is consumed via mobile apps and those links were redirected to the homepage of the mobile site rather than the articles.

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The responsive build scope included moving onto the new Drupal 7 platform. This would make Louisiana’s official travel website, mobile- and device-friendly for visitors while providing significant upgrades to the CMS platform and website capabilities while saving money and time on future site management.




Our main objectives to achieve with this responsive redesign were to increase mobile accessibility, improve website engagement and improve KPIs including the following:

  • Provide an enhanced mobile and tablet user experience and increase mobile engagement
  • Increase quality traffic by lowering bounce rate for all devices and viewing platforms
  • Increase user engagement via easily accessible content
  • Implement site goals for measuring KPIs – Inspiration Guide order requests/downloads and eNews signups
  • Eliminate the need for a separate mobile site
  • Expand LouisianaTravel’s reach via social media channels




The Louisiana team worked with the design elements of the latest reskin and utilized the newest trends in responsive design to create a user-friendly website that would deliver inspirational content. The responsive design would put engaging story content, events, maps and strong call to actions in front of the user no matter their device of choice.

The first step in providing a customized user experience was to engage personalized web content on the top of the home page allowing visitors to receive a more targeted message immediately. Second was to include an easy to use navigation that put “everything Louisiana” at their fingertips. As the visitor drilled down farther into the site, a carousel of “recommended” content would serve them even more content ideas relative to their engagement path throughout the site to give them a deep and relatable content experience despite the device of choice.

Along with the new functionalities of the redesign and new platform, over the past year Louisiana has added more than 6 separate specific interest microsites (Fishing, Bike, Paddle, Breweries, Culinary, Louisiana Soundtrack) that had previously been hosted and marketed separately from Through the redesign we were able to integrate those sites into and provide the user with an easy path to engage with niche travel content.


The Louisiana team implemented the Miles’ Agile Build process to execute this large project. The client was presented with website comps that launched the project’s look and feel. At multiple stages throughout the build, we presented the client with different project stages to ensure they were seeing the major components of the site and the elements and progress of the site were in line with those expectations. In the midst of the development, the Louisiana team was performing content audits and refreshing all articles that had been transferred to the new CMS. Fresh new content was also being written for every landing page, city profiles, image galleries and more.




The new officially launched on Feb.5, 2014 giving Louisiana Office of Tourism a brand new responsive site. With the impressive shift in mobile usage during vacation planning, LouisianaTravel. com was ready with a new look and intuitive navigation that intelligently feeds recommended content based off of users interaction throughout the site, personalized web content and strategic KPI calls to action through out the site.

New user traffic was up by
Bounce rate dropped
(from 71% to 48%)
Facebook traffic
Twitter traffic

BulletGÇôpoint-graphicLouisiana is ranked #8 among the 50 State DMOs in the current Digital Engagement Rankings by TwoSixDigital (based on 13 different criteria sets including overall website traffic rankings, social media prevalence, content sharing and more) See the results here >

BulletGÇôpoint-graphicQuantcast ranking as high as #4 out of 50 State DMOs.



client-headshotClientQuote-graphic-ALLWhat Does Our Client Say?

“Miles created a brand new, responsive website that is leading the way in inspiring and enticing visitors on all platforms to visit the state of Louisiana. The results continue to show the positive impact and the strength of with lower bounce rates and strong Quantcast and Digital Engagement rankings.”

Download a version of the Responsive Redesign Case Study.”